Material Handling Equipment (MHE) - Jaltest Scanner Tool

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Material Handling Equipment (MHE) - Jaltest Scanner Tool

Welcome to the cutting edge of multi-brand diagnostics in the commercial vehicle industry! Introducing the Jaltest MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT, an advanced diagnostic solution tailored for a wide range of material handling vehicles, including forklifts, telescopic handlers, lift platforms, and more.

Jaltest MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT is designed to enhance your workshop's service range, enabling you to cater to a more extensive array of vehicles and opening up new business avenues. This tool is specifically developed for the maintenance and repair needs of diverse Material Handling Equipment.

Highlight Features of Jaltest MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT:
- Wide-Ranging Compatibility: Covers a variety of equipment, from internal combustion forklifts to electric pallet trucks.
- Intuitive User Interface: Quick and easy navigation, with brand filtering by machinery type.
- Detailed Technical Information: Access to comprehensive data, images, and diagrams for efficient error code and part identification.
- Streamlined Troubleshooting: Step-by-step guides for effective problem resolution.
- Advanced Diagnostics: Capable of diagnosing all electronic systems, irrespective of the manufacturer.
- Ongoing Updates and Support: Regular software updates, accessible support services, and extensive e-learning resources.

All-Encompassing Jaltest Kit:
Diverse Application: Suitable for a range of equipment, including internal combustion forklifts, telehandlers, and electric pallet trucks.
Extensive Capabilities:
- Supports all communication protocols.
- Fast, user-friendly software.
- Automated system and error code recognition.
- Symptom-focused troubleshooting help.
- Integrated technical data, with wiring diagrams and documentation.
- Continuous software enhancements and new functionalities.
- Dedicated support center and product assistance.
- Comprehensive training and e-learning modules.
- i-Parts assist and part cross-referencing platform.
- GRP-Garage Resource Planning.
- Customization for various machine brands.

Distinctive Features of Jaltest MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT:
- Comprehensive Multi-Brand and Multi-System Diagnosis: Leading-edge functionalities that extend beyond simple error code reading, including bi-directional controls and guided diagnostics.
- Tailorable to Workshop Needs: With machine brand customization and GRP-Garage Resource Planning, the tool is adaptable to specific workshop needs.

- Jaltest Software and License: Includes the Jaltest MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT USA software activation and a one-year license.
- Jaltest V9 Link Adapter and Cables: Complete with the Jaltest MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT USA Cable Kit and specific diagnostic cables for brands like Deutz, CAT/Perkins, and Kubota.
- Online Access: MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT Info Online License for extensive online resources and data.

Your Comprehensive Diagnostic Partner
Jaltest MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT stands as a complete solution for vehicle maintenance and repair. With our integrated hardware and software offerings, you can proficiently service any brand or model of Material Handling Equipment.
Looking for More?
For additional cables and customization options, reach out to our sales team for details and pricing.
Elevate your workshop's diagnostic prowess with Jaltest MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT – your ally in efficient and thorough vehicle maintenance and repair!
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