Military Diagnostic Toughbook Dealer Kit US Government Scanner

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This state of the art kit is specifically designed and manufactured for ALL Military and includes all Military Vehicles and Tactical Vehicles by the US Marines, US Army, US Army, US Border Patrol, US Coast Guard, DOD Vehicle, Police Tactical Vehicles and Rovers. This kit maintains the strictest computer requirements for software with no internet access. All software is loaded and licensed ready to work upon delivery to any bases in country and overseas etc. This kit does advanced diagnostics on all vehicles, real time sensor monitoring, maintenance management, dealer level bi directional controls, resets, regens, and all calibrations. This Military kit comes with all technical information including:

• Jam-packed with system and technical data

• Interactive wiring diagrams

• Technical releases

• Troubleshooting and repair guides by symptoms

• Maintenance data

We are a preferred vendor to the US Military and can provide all INVOICING and DUNS number for purchasing. Give us a call today for ordering.

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