Oem Diagnostics Heavy Duty ABS Software Bundle Meritor Wabco Haldex Bendix ACOM Wabash

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This Oem Diagnostic factory trailer kit comes ready to and allows you to connect to diagnostically to all your trailers. It comes with the diagnostic Nexiq 124032 bluetooth adapter along with the Nexiq plc trailer adapter kit which allows your 6 and 9 pin cable to connect to the trailer through the PLC trailer adapter.

This kit works will all factory diagnostic trailer software such as:

Meritor WABCO Haldex PLC Bendix ACOM Software provides PC diagnostic capabilities for Meritor WABCO tractor and trailer pneumatic ABS, trailer RSS Plus ™, hydraulic ABS, Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), electronic leveling valves for tractors, electronic leveling valves for trailers, Electronically Controlled Air Suspensions (ECAS) for buses, and OnGuard TM Collision Safety Systems. Haldex Diagnostic Software covers all in-cab warning light communications. It also provides diagnostic test results, ABS warning light resets also various odomoter functions.

Bendix ACOM provides:

Antilock Braking (ABS) / Automatic Traction Control (ATC) / Stability Control

Electronic Controllers, including the Bendix® EC-60™, and EC-80™ units

Collision Mitigation (FLC-20, FLR-20, FLR-21)

The family of Bendix® Wingman® driver assistance systems, including Bendix Wingman ACB™, Wingman Advanced™, and Wingman Fusion™

Alert & Data Systems

VORAD®-VS400 and VORAD-VS500 radar systems

Bendix® DIU (driver interface unit)

SafetyDirect® processor (SDP)

AutoVue® Lane Departure Warning Systems (3G and 4G)

BlindSpotter® side object detection

SmarTire® Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Air Disc Brake (ADB) pad wear sensing

Trailer Systems

SmarTire® TrailerLink™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Trailer ABS & Roll Stability, including:

  • Bendix® TABS6™-Standard
  • Bendix TABS6-Premium
  • Bendix TABS6-Advanced
    Legacy Trailer ABS systems, including:
  • EC-17™ electronic controller
  • EC-30 and EC-30T™ electronic controllers
  • MC-30™ ABS module
  • A18™ trailer ABS system
  • ABS U1x (Gen 4), ABS2x (Gen 5)

    New Features: J1939 diagnostics for pneumatic ABS J1939 diagnostics for ECAS Next Generation OnGuard Radar Diagnostics OnLane Lane Departure Warning Diagnostics J1939 bus monitor availability in main menu Fault descriptions and data appear in web browser with links to further information Legacy J1708 TOOLBOX still available for diagnostics
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