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Full Access Sprinter Diagnostic is Here. The Texa comes with a Lifetime License. This Texa sprinter dealer package will never time out on you and give you the same level access from the day you bought it. The Texa Sprinter Package is the only full access Sprinter Package available allowing you to do full access, parameter changes, DEF Fluid, Regen and much much more. When you connect to a Sprinter vehicle, the list of available parameters can be daunting as some vehicles have hundreds available. This is where is displays all known sensors, positions of switches, and more. Previously, you were left to your own decision on which parameter to watch. However, TEXA has now created some default views based on your issue or symptom you are trying to fix. This includes:

  • Aftertreatment
  • Aftertreatment Particulate
  • Aftertreatment Regeneration
  • Aftertreatment Reagent
  • Injection
  • Regen
  • Full Diagnostics
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Technical Support
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
  • Engine Brake
  • Engine Protection
  • Engine Start Procedure
  • All Lamps
  • Consumption
  • All Sensors
  • All Switches
  • White Engine Smoke
  • All Voltages
  • All Pressures

Of course, you can make your own custom filters at any point as well. These filters are then saved across any engine you connect with.

Your sprinter package comes with full technical support and full online training when it arrives in your hands. Our shipping process is very quick from the time of ordering to receiving it usually only takes a couple of days since we stock the Sprinter Packages.

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