Allison DOC Premium Service Kit

PC Diagnostic Service Kits provide a complete, ready-to-use diagnostic solution for troubleshooting Allison transmissions. Comes with the Noregon USB Translator 2.0 and Allison DOC® Premium installed and activated

Allison DOC Software Premium

The Allison DOC® software suite of products includes several separate software programs including Allison DOC® Premium, Allison DOC® Premium (H 40/50 EP™), Allison DOC® Fleets and Allison DOC® Fleets (FuelSense®).

Allison DOC Software Fleets

Allison DOC® Fleets diagnostic tool is a scaled-down version of the Allison DOC® Premium fundamental diagnostic tool software with a focus on distribution to National Account Fleets, municipalities, Private Fleets, etc.

Allison DOC® Premium

Adds Prognostics feature for CEC5 Off-Highway (MY18 and later), Displays Main Processor Module (MPM) Software Level on the TCM Information grid (5th Gen), Updated DTC descriptions.

  • Allison DOC® Premium combines Allison DOC® Premium, Allison DOC® Premium (H 40/50 EP™)

  • Allison DOC® Fleets and Allison DOC® Fleets (FuelSense®)

  • A valid license is necessary to enable each product offering

  • Monitors 3000/4000 Product Families Transmission Control Module (TCM) data
  • Monitors 1000/2000 Product Families Transmission Control Module (TCM) data
  • Monitors CEC2, CEC3 and CEC5 (Off-Highway) data
  • Monitors TC10 data
  • Monitors CEC (ATEC) Electronic Control Units (ECU) data using a proprietary protocol and the Noregon USB Translator 2.0 – All Allison Products device and Nexiq USB-Link™
  • Displays multiple transmission parameters
  • Displays a graphical instrument panel with analog and digital gauges
  • Displays a graphical strip chart
  • Records and plays back diagnostic sessions
  • Prints diagnostic reports
  • Reprograms selected TCM parameters (requires completion of Allison Transmission training)
  • Reprograms FuelSense® 2.0 parameters (does not require completion of Allison Transmission training; see your local Allison Dealer or Distributor for course description and pricing)
  • Add Prognostics features for CEC5 Off-Highway (MY18 and later)
  • Displays Main Processor Module (MPM) Software Level on the TCM Information grid (5th Gen)
  • Updated DTC descriptions
  • RP1210C enhancements
    • Ability to auto-try channels (5th Gen / Type-2 vehicle connections) for OEMs who have wired the TCM diagnostics to CAN 2 or CAN 3
      • Ability to find the correct CAN data bus for diagnostics
      • Eliminates the need for OEM specific cross-over cables

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Heavy Truck Duty Diagnostic Packages easily perform dealer level commands such as:

  • Bi-directional Controls
  • Programs Injectors
  • Forced DPF Regens
  • Full Diagnostics and Resets

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Shipping costs associated with returning product are the responsibility of the customer returning the product.

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