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ADAS Advanced Package

ADAS Advanced Package

Features & Benefits:

  • Performs Calibrations for Vehicles w/ Camera, Radar & NV ADAS Systems
  • Includes LDW Calibration Targets for Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, and Subaru
  • ADAS Calibration & Diagnostic Android Tablet
  • Includes Calibration Frame & Target Board Holder
  • Includes 2 Wheel Clamps with Lasers

The ADAS Advanced Package includes all elements from the ADAS Complete Package, ADAS LDW Target 2 Package and the MSADAS Tablet Advanced Diagnostic Tablet with ADAS Calibration Application. This includes the Calibration Frame, LDW Patterns/Targets and Holder, AVM/RCW Patterns, Center Axis Laser, BSD Radar Calibration Kit and NV Calibration KIT. With the LDW Target 2 Package expands the Lane Departure Warning capabilities with targets/patterns for Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi and Subaru. The ADAS Advanced Package is rounded out with the MSADAS Tablet, a 10-inch Android-based touchscreen tablet with J2534 wireless VCI, featuring a fast 1.3GHz plus 1.7 GHz processor with 64 gigabyte on-board memory.

ADAS Advanced Package
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