Allison DOC Transmission Full Factory Diagnostic Toughbook Premium Dealer Kit

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This diagnostic kit is a comprehensive solution for Allison Transmission diagnostics.

  • Laptop designed to thrive in your service/shop environment
  • Allison DOC® Premium 1 year subscription
  • Windows 10 Professional

    Allison Dealer Kit includes:

  • Allison DOC® Premium
  • Panasonic Toughbook (refurbished) laptop
  • Noregon USB Translator 3.0
  • 9 Pin Cable
  • USB Cable (15’)
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Case
  • Windows 10 Professional Edition
The Panasonic Toughbook®

Features a 14" HD LED display, Intel® Core™ processors and an oversized multi-touch touchpad. Certified for a range of extreme conditions, including 36" drops, shocks, vibration, humidity, altitude, dust, temperature extremes and thermal shock.

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