Allison USB Translator 3.0 Adapter Kit

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The Essential Tool for Allison DOC® Premium

The Kit for Noregon USB Translator 3.0 includes the essential-rated, RP1210C industry-standard vehicle translator for medium and heavy-duty trucks, school buses and transit buses. Connect the translator to your computer using a USB cable.

NOTE: The USB Translator 3.0 does not support CEC1 technology or ATEC controls. To connect to CEC1 or ATEC, use the Allison CEC Adapter Kit. If you have a USB Translator 2.0 and need to connect to CEC1 or ATEC, you can purchase a CEC cable and use the USB Translator 2.0.


USB Translator 3.0 Adapter

9 pin cable

USB cable

Adapter carrying case

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