CanDo HD Mobile Scanner IOS/Android w/DPF Rest/Regen capabilities

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Product Details
Say Never Again to getting stuck in limp mode – or worse – stranded on the side of the road, just because you need a DPF reset or regen! With the HD Mobile, you can rest assured that you will never have to pull over, in the middle of nowhere, for a supposed drive-ability issue while having to trust a repair facility with “what’s wrong” with your prized investment. Not only is the tow expensive, so could be the hidden repair charges!

Features and Benefits
-Works with iOS and Android
-Class 4-8 Coverage
-Light-Medium Duty Coverage
-Caterpillar Coverage
-CAT Cylinder Cutout
-Read & Clear Codes
-Live Data
-DPF Resets & Regens
-Easy to use interface
-Comes with 6, 9, 16-pin and CAT connectors
-Supports 500k Baud Rate

-Free Updates

Additional Gasoline Functions: Works with all 1996 and newer OBDII compliant US, European & Asian vehicles. Reset Monitors. Retrieve generic codes (P0, P2, P3, B0, C0, U0), manufacturer specific codes (P1, P3, U1) as well as pending codes. Supports CAN, Mode 6 and all other current OBDII protocols.
Additional Diesel Vehicle Functions: Class 4 – Class 8 truck coverage featuring “Automatic Protocol Search”. Heavy Duty J1587/J1708/J1939 CAN Engine, Transmission / ABS coverage. View live data such as: Engine speed, Engine ECU temperature, Percent Acceleration Pedal Position, Engine Inter-cooler Temperature, Engine Coolant Temperature, Ambient Air Temperature and Air Inlet Temperature & More!
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