Cando HD Pro III

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The HD Pro III is our latest all-in-one, do-it-all

scan tool, covering class 4-8 commercial vehicles
and off-highway machinery, such as mining and
farming equipment. The HD Pro III is a wired
Android tablet, perfect for those on a budget,
looking to perform bi-directional controls and
change/set parameters, diagnose hydraulic
systems, trailer brakes, and perform VGT
calibrations and DPF reset/regeneration. What’s
even better is that it now comes with 2 years
of Motor’s FleetCross Service – a premier repair
information system accessible from within the
HD Pro III. Two years of software updates and all
cables and connectors are included.

Features and Benefits:
➤ Coverage for Class 4-8 Commercial
Vehicles and Off-highway Equipment
➤ Easy to use with one interface for all
manufacturers and systems!
➤ Now with ADAS coverage
➤ Deeper Off-highway coverage with
JCB, CASE, New Holland, Liebherr
and Komatsu recently added
➤ Now with 2 years of Motor’s
Fleetcross Service – a Premium Repair
Information Database!
➤ Access Engine, Brakes (including
Trailers), Transmission, Body Controls
and more!
Special Functions Included:
➤ Change & Set Parameters
➤ OEM Level Resets & Adaptations
➤ Injector Coding
➤ Injector Cut-off
➤ DPF Resets & Regens
➤ DPF After-treatment Leak Test & Reset
➤ EGR Reset on Heavy Trucks and Medium Trucks
➤ Turbo Charger Calibration & Activation
(Required for Turbo Replacement)

➤ Full Hydraulic System Coverage
➤ VGT Electronic Actuator Installation &
➤ Low & Max Vehicle Speed Adjustment
➤ Idle Speed Adjustment
➤ Fan Override Test
➤ Maintenance Reset
➤ Cylinder Performance test
➤ SCR Performance test
➤ SCR/DEF Bi-Directional Controls
➤ Cooling Fan Override test
➤ PLUS much more added on a weekly basis as
part of your software subscription!
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