Cummins / Detroit Diesel DDDL Combo Factory Dealer Toughbook Kit

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Cummins Detroit Diesel DDDL Factory Toughbook is the full access set up your shop has been waiting for. This heavy truck factory diesel diagnostic tool dealer kit is the same kit that is used in all the dealerships. This Cummins and Detroit Diesel DDDL Kit will give you full diagnostic functions on all Detroit Diesel and Cummins motors including all the Cummins ISX engines.

The Cummins Insite (Lite version) and Detroit Diesel DDDL software is able to full cylinder cutout testing, bi directional controls on all the motors. Full parameter changes and full diagnostics with much more. This kit will save tons of time and money since the mechanics will have everything at their fingertips and no need to send the truck out for days and weeks of lost time and money.

The Factory Dealer Plug and Play Package Includes.

Panasonic Heavy Duty Rugged Toughbook Included with Solid State Hard Drive (SSD)

Cummins Insite Engine Diagnostic (Lite) software license

Detroit Diesel DDDL Dealer Software Fully Registered to Buyer and Purchase and Set Up

Nexiq USB Link 3 - 121052 Wireless Edition interface including all ODB II & 9 pin connectors.

Full Factory 2 Year Warranty

__Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link Pro (DDDL) 8.X__

Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 8.X otherwise known as DDDL 8.Xis the computer-based software for diagnosing Western Star 5700XE, Freightliner, Cascadia, and Detroit Powertrain vehicles systems. Diagnostic Link also supports DDEC 6 through GHG17 engine platforms. This software can display diagnostic fault codes, trouble shooting information, run services routines, and ECU information. This package contains the DDDL 8 series (2007 and newer) software and the 6.5 series (pre-2007) software. This software can perform injector cut-out tests, and change parameters,


  • View information about the connected ECUs
  • Perform standard fault code operations
  • Read variable values in real time and display them graphically.
  • Configure and manage parameters
  • Perform service routines
  • Play back logs of all connected activity.

__Covered Features__

  • Cylinder Exhaust Temperatures
  • Engine Speed
  • Engine Smoke Control
  • Boost Pressure
  • Engine Load Percent
  • Beginning of Injection
  • Oil Temperature
  • Fuel Temperature
  • Air Inlet Temperature
  • Turbo Compressor Outlet Temperature
  • EGR Temperature A
  • EGR Differential Pressure A
  • EGR Temperature B
  • EGR Differential Pressure B
  • EGR DPS Counts
  • EGR Mass Flow Rate
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Turbo Speed
  • Accelerator Pedal Position
  • Battery Voltage
  • Active Governor
  • Torque Reduction Percentage
  • Vehicle Speed
  • PWM 1 (% Grounded)
  • PWM 2 (% Grounded)
  • PWM 3 (% Grounded)
  • PWM 4 (% Grounded)

__DiagnosticLink Standard vs. DiagnosticLink Pro__

DiagnosticLink 8.X Standard can do the following: provides ECU information, diagnostic fault codes, instrumentation information, service routines, the ability to run system test, and edit ECU parameters.

DiagnosticLink 8.X Professional can do all that the Standard Edition can do plus these other functions: the ability to reprogram engine controllers.


___Call 800-399-9495 for quick answers and help!___

Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostics Dot Com has been serving the commercial truck diagnostics industry for years. That is all we do. We have, in stock, many Toughbook dealer packages, adapters, cables and peripheral to help you diagnosis the problems with your heavy duty equipment.

__USB-Link 3 Vehicle Interface Wireless Edition PN 121052__

The USB-Link 3 Wireless Edition connects to your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone, via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition the USB cable gives techs the option to directly connect to a PC when working in the field or during signal interruptions. Supports (CAN FD, DoIP) protocols with the compatibility for OEM diagnostics software. The Link 3 is Nexiq's most advanced VCI replacing the previous Link models.

__Vehicle Network Protocol Support__

  • CAN FD /J1939 FD/ISO15765 - 250K, 500 k, 1M b/s with Auto Baud detection (S Channels)
  • Single wire CAN (SWCAN)
  • ISO 11898-3 Fault Tolerant CAN (FTCAN)
  • J1708
  • J1850 VPW (Class 2)
  • J1850 PWM (SCP)
  • ISO 9141 / KWP2000 (ISO 14230) K/L line
  • ALDL 9600 and 8192 baud
  • ATEC 160 Baud
  • Windows vehicle communication API
  • RP1210 a/b/c
  • J2534 (2004 draft)
  • J2534-1 partial implementation (commercial vehicle focused)

__Interfaces to Computing Platforms__

  • USB 2.0 (vehicle to PC connection)
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Wi-Fi (dual band)

__OEM Heavy Truck Compatible with NexIQ__

  • All Allison DOC Software
  • Bendix ACom
  • CAT Electronic Technician (ON-highway only)
  • Cummins Insite
  • Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link
  • Eaton ServiceRanger
  • Freightliner Service Link
  • Hino eXplorer
  • International - ServiceMAXX Fleet Pro
  • International ABS
  • International DLB
  • International InTune
  • International IPC v2.02
  • PACCAR Davie4
  • VCAD Elite Mack/Volvo
  • V-Mac Service Tools
  • WABCO Toolbox

__Package Includes__

    • NEXIQ USB-Link 3 Wireless Edition (121052)
    • 9-pin Deutsch Adapter (493128)
    • 16-pin OBD II Adapter J1962, 1 meter (491113)
    • 15' Latching USB cable (404032)
    • Carrying case

____Refurbished Panasonic Toughbook____

This is the toughest laptop you will find on the planet. You can drop it on concrete, get it wet, run it over with a car, and more. It will keep on ticking. The hard drive is shock mounted to prevent failure, and the doors are all water proof. We use this model laptop because it will withstand the daily abuse that it gets in a diesel shop or in the field.

  • Intel I-Series Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • CD/DVD Drive
  • Wireless Internet
  • 12-month warranty given on all hardware

___Call 800-399-9495 for quick answers and help! ___

Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostics Dot Com has been serving the commercial truck diagnostics industry for years. That is all we do. We have, in stock, many toughbook dealer packages, adapters, cables and peripheral to help you diagnosis the problems with your heavy duty equipment.

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