F7SB Bus TabPro School Bus Diagnostic Tablet

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Brand: FCAR

The Model F7SB is a powerful wireless diagnostic tablet for school bus service professional. This tablet is the ideal tool for school bus repair or service professionals who need a quick, powerful diagnostic tool with all the bus coverage via wireless diagnostic. The tool is not only to get access to all vehicle computer, but also to do calibration, test and reset or programming functionalities. Also this is ideal tool to collect vehicle data and running report as PDF or excel to show before and after the service

Industrial anti-glare 10.5” HD touch screen
Industrial quality WIFI/Bluetooth
OneClick online update
Remote support via FCAR TeamViewer Support
Wireless diagnostic
MS Excel Export and PDF report
Data recording and playback
Cloud printing
Built-In internet browser and email client
Android platform

Diagnostic functions:

  • Scan system information
  • Scan/clear DTCs
  • Display/anlyze all sensors live data stream (chart mode)
  • Actuation test

Advanced functions:

  • Cylinder cutout
  • Injector Programming
  • DPF forced regen & reset
  • Bidirectional parameters reset and adjustment
  • Oil change reset
  • Maintenance light reset
  • Hundred of other bidirectional functions

Coverage: (type A, B, C, D school bus)

  • Engines: Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, DuraMax, International, Mecedes, Powerstroke
  • Transmissions: Allison, Eaton, ZF
  • ABS and brakes: Bendix, Wabco, Wabash, Haldex
  • Body/Chasis: Bluebird, Caterpillar, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GM, GMC, IC, International, Thomas Built

All vehicles via OBD II (16Pin) and Diesel OBD (Diesel 6 or 9pin): The generic OBD program will do:

  • Scan/clear generic fault codes
  • Display/analyze all sensors live data stream (chart mode)

Retail package includes:

  1. Main tablet unit
  2. VCI box
  3. Main cable DB15 (to VCI) 3Feet
  4. OBD16 adapter
  5. 6 Pin Diesel adapter
  6. 9 Pin Diesel adapter (type 1 and type 2)
  7. AC adapter and charger
  8. One year hardware manufacturer warranty and two years software updates

All others connectors are available to order separately.

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