Ford (LCF) Low Cab Forward Dealer Diagnostic Toughbook Kit

Ford-LCF Kit
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This Ford LCF Low Cab Forward Dealer Diagnostic Kit is the factory dealer kit for Ford LCF. The Ford LCF is a software package providing diagnostics for model year 2004 and forward F650/750 and all Low Cab Forward (LCF) Medium Duty trucks and all international motors in Ford trucks with an OBD II and 9 pin adapter. The software package is installed on the same laptops running IDS. It runs independently of IDS although both diagnostics can run concurrently. Communication between the PC and the 9 pin Deutsch connector is accomplished using the OEM Diagnostic Adapter Kit.

This complete Ford LCF Low Cab Forward Dealer kit come all ready to go with the fully licensed Panasonic CF-53 Toughbook (Professionally Refurbished) with Solid State Hard Drive built for the rugged environment as well as all the Software for the Ford LCF and the OEM Diagnostic Tool adapter Kit.

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