Ford VCMM Advanced Kit 164-R9823 w/Toughbook Laptop IDS License

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Update - Pressure / Vacuum Transducer (164-R9833), Fuel Hose Assembly (164-R9533), and Transmission Extension Hose (164-R9834) are no longer included in the VCMM Advanced Kit.


The Vehicle Communication & Measurement Module (VCMM) combines all of the functionality of the VMM, VCM 3, MTS 4000/4100 vibration analyzer in an industry leading one-box solution. This combining of functionality will provide dealers and shops within the industry leading diagnostic capability at a significantly lower cost of owning all the tools individually.

Includes Panasonic Toughbook CF-54
This semi-rugged laptop computer is the new preferred laptop from Rotunda that meets or exceeds the specifications to run the IDS software with the VCMM, VCM or VCM 3. The CF-54 has been thoroughly tested with the IDS software and is all set up ready to go. The CF54 Toughbook includes the very rugged solid state hard drive for quick booting times in the rugged elements.

This VCMM Factory Dealer Kit Includes:

Ford VCMM Advanced Kit

Full Dealers Software IDS 1 Year License Included

CF-54 Panasonic Toughbook Included

Tech Support Included

Full Warranty 2 Year


Retrieve CMDTC's

KOEO (Key-On-Engine-Off)

KOER (Key-On-Engine-Running)

Data logger





Pressure/Vacuum Tests

Network Test

Module Programming

Programmable Module Installation

Module Reprogramming

Programmable Parameters

Body Tools

PATS Functions
*See Note Below

Remote Keyless Entry

Factory Keyless Entry Code


Chassis Tools

Bleed anti-lock brakes

IVD Initialization Sequence

Ride Height Calibration

Pneumatic Test

Accurate Trim Test

Electrical Tools

Charging System Test

Parking Aid Switch Test


Powertrain Tools


Fuel Economy Test

Fuel System Test/RelativeInjector Flow Test
(VCM and VMM modules are required on some vehicles)

Ignition System Test

Spark Duration PIDs

Power Balance Test

Relative Compression Test

Transmission Test
(IDS - Some vehicles require only VCM)

Engine Checks and OBD Tests
(Drive Cycle, Mode 01, Mode 06 & Mode 09)

EGR Test

Other Powertrain tests & functions

Key Features:
  • Vehicle Communication (VCM II capability) FULL DIAGNOSTIC AND PROGRAMMING
  • Customer Flight Recorder capable
  • 4-Channel Oscilloscope
  • 4-Channel Digital Multi-meter
  • 5th-Channel direct monitoring of the DLC connector
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Driveline Balance
  • Signal Generator

4/5 Channel Oscilloscope
  • Improved user interface from VMM
  • Four independent differential Input Channels enables independent monitoring of signal types such as monitoring voltage while concurrently measuring voltage drop across the circuit.
  • A Fifth High Speed Channel that can directly monitor CAN signals at the DLC connector
  • Capture/Record capability to assist in capturing intermittent issues
  • Advanced Triggering capability
  • Pre-Configured setup configuration for common signals and procedures
  • New “Time/Angle” time based settings (CKP/CMP timing diagnostics)

Vibration Analysis and Driveline Balance
  • Similar functionality to the MTS 4000/4100
  • Improved user interface with reduced configuration and setup time
  • Color display
  • Record capacity
  • “Strobe light Pick up loop” for improved component identification*
  • Second vibration transducer
  • Dual Plane driveline balance

The Digital Multi-Meter
  • Monitor up to four independent readings at the same time
  • Capture/Record history
  • Graphing capability for up to two channels
  • Voltage, Current, Resistance, Pulse Width, Duty Cycle, Frequency and Period

Signal Generator
  • User configurable settings for signal waveform types: sine, square, triangle, pulse generator, DC voltage and arbitrary.
  • Verify integrity of module input wiring and the module hardware
  • Improved interface and greater adjustability of voltage and frequency.
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