JDC112A - Cojali Jaltest PLC adapter for trailer ABS diagnostics

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Jaltest JDC 112A Adapter 7 pin PLC Adapter for trailer ABS diagnostics, which supports J2497 Power Lin Carrier (PLC) communications.

Diagnosis and erros clearing

Monitoring of live data

ECU Data

Component Actuations (Modulators and Lamps)

Also connects to JDC217A, 9-Pin Cable and JDC40AM2.

System Technical Data

System Configuration (2S/1M, 2S/2M...)

System Checking (Speed Sensors and Voltages)

T-Shaped SAE J560 adapter (7-way) tests J1587 MIDs 136, 137, 138, 139, 246 and 247

ABS trailer coverage for Bendix, Haldex Meritor WABCO and Wabash systems


The Jaltest JDC112A adapter allows the user to connect to the trailer in two different ways:

1. With tractor present (powered via the vehicle connection)

2. Without the tractor present (external power supply is necessary - JDC40AM2 adapter)

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