Navistar Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) Online Edition

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Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) is the software solution for International cab controllers. This new version is now a 12-month license, and will receive updates over the Internet. This is the fleet version, so you will not be able to do parameter changes or program International Electronic System Controllers (ESCs). You can view all live data, which aids will troubleshooting HVAC codes/issues and other cab issues such as lights, power windows/doors, dash clusters, and more.

Basic Functions

  • Read Fault and clear diagnostic fault codes
  • View vehicle parameters and features

Advanced Features

  • Bi-directional control of electrical components
  • View switch location and cluster configuration
  • Automatic module detection
  • Graph parameters
  • Record snapshots

Compatible Vehicles - All International vehicles with cab ESC's

  • International 4200/4300/4400 Series
  • International 7000 Series
  • International 8000 Series
  • International CF Series (Cluster faults, Test all gauges except fuel, Odometer eset)
  • International ProStar/LoneStar/WorkStar/TranStar/DuraStar/CityStar

System Requirement

NAVISTAR® DLB can be run on most PCs with a least 512 MB RAM (1 GB preferred), 10 MB available hard drive space, and CD-ROM running in the Window 7 operating system or newer. The appropriate interface adapter must be used to communicate with the vehicle.

This software is for reading International cab controllers, not the engines. If you need engine software, please look for the ServiceMaxx software.

This software is now a digital download and annual license fee. After 12 months the license will expire and you will be required to purchase it again. The picture shows is only a graphical representation, as you will actually receive a card with a serial number on it.

**photo is a prop only, cd not included, license is emailed to end user**

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