TEXA AXONE Voice Tablet Truck Diagnostic Package

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AXONE VOICE was built to become the most powerful and high-performing diagnostic display unit on the market and looking at its equipment, it surely seems that the goal has been reached.
It is equipped with a 13.3” capacitive screen with 2560×1600 resolution, protected by a robust Gorilla Glass. On its insides, the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system is powered by an Intel® Core i5 processor with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage.
The connectivity, another essential element for a display unit like AXONE VOICE, is possible thanks to an advanced dual-channel Wi-Fi system and to a Bluetooth® 5.1 module. Furthermore, the tool has two 8 MP cameras, useful to obtain detailed customer reports or send technical photos to the assistance service. The first one is used for the face recognition, the second one is more useful during remote assistance to allow the TEXA Call Center to see in real time the conditions of the vehicle, even to check its correct positioning during the ADAS calibration.

You can expand the connectivity of AXONE VOICE with four 3.0 USB sockets, essential for connecting for example to the VCI for the PassThru diagnoses, or to other external devices such as a keyboard, a printer, etc…

A practical ergonomic and adjustable handle useful to transport AXONE VOICE, to fasten it to the vehicle’s steering wheel or to lay it onto irregular surfaces maintaining an optimal visibility of the monitor by repair technicians.

The IDC5 software is complete, practical, intuitive and extremely quick to access communication with the vehicles. It guides you through all the diagnostic phases, from the error identification to its solution. Always in a practical, safe, professional way.

TEXA is a world leader in TRUCK diagnostics with an unrivalled range of products. The NAVIGATOR TXT MULTIHUB is a powerful diagnostic interface that can connect over a Bluetooth link to a PC or Tablet.


Axone Voice Tablet
Navigator TXT Multihub Adapter
American Truck OBD II, 6 & 9 Pin Cable
Truck Multihub Power Supply & Adapter Kit
IDC5 Truck Premium Software
TEXAINFO Truck Software
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