TEXA Off Highway (AG+Construction) Diagnostic Laptop Package

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TEXA Off Highway (Agricultural & Construction) Diagnostic Toughbook Package

When it comes to off highway diagnostics for construction and agriculture equipment such as CAT, John Deere, Case, Komatsu, and more, look no further then then the TEXA Diagnostic Scanner for Off Highway. This tool will allow you to connect to engines, cab controllers, hydraulic systems, GPS, and a variety of others. You can run a variety of commands including stationary regens, cylinder cut-out tests, joystick calibrations, injector programming, and thousands of other commands. Coverages are listed below.

This kit includes the following:

  • Professionally Refurbished CF54 Laptop (Windows 10 Pro, 265 GB SSD)
  • TEXA TXT MultiHub Adapter and Power Supply Cables
  • TEXA IDC5 Off Highway License (See coverage below)
  • TEXAINFO OHW Software
  • CAT Off Highway Cable
  • Standard 6, 9, & OBDII Cable (Please contact us for pricing & information on other cables)


Dealer level commands is what customers are always asking for, and this diagnostic unit does not disappoint. Here are some commands you can perform with this John Deere diagnostic tool:

  • Cylinder Compression Test
  • Cylinder Cut-Off Test
  • Cylinder Misfire Test
  • EGR Valve Cleaning
  • VGT Calibration
  • VGT Reprogramming
  • DPF Service Regeneration
  • Injector Programming
  • DPF Calibration
  • DOC Calibration
  • ... and more!
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